Our History

In the summer of 1923, a meeting was held at the Lake View School to discuss the formation of a Fire Department. The people interested felt they needed $600 to establish a unit, but those not interested voted it down. All was not lost as school trustee, Frank Trinder, gave permission to ring the school bell in case of fire.

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On January 8,1924, a bad fire broke out in the Congregational Church and no fire fighting equipment was available. The Hamburg Fire Department was called but the people realized the Church would be a total loss before Hamburg could arrive with their equipment. So the people of the community formed a bucket line of both men and women. They took water from Ahren’s well and passed along a chain of buckets to the men inside the Church, and after many anxious and weary minutes extinguished the blaze. The flames were extinguished before the Hamburg Fire Department arrived. This trying experience motivated the formation of an organized fire-fighting group.

June, 1924 – The American Car & Foundry Company donated two 40-gallon soda and acid tanks mounted on a hand drawn cart through the help of W.H. Prentiss. This was the first piece of mobile fire equipment used by the department. Soon after a 1916 Cadillac touring car was purchased by the members and converted to a fire truck. The tanks from the hand drawn cart were mounted on the Cadillac, along with racks to hold the pails, a metal bin to contain the soda, and a container for glass vials for the hydrochloric acid. The firemen rode on the running boards and on a platform on the rear. The siren was hand cranked, and a foot operated, trolley type bell was mounted on the right running board.

August 1926 – The bid of Draugt Bros. of Hamburg was accepted to build the new Fire Hall for the sum of $26,996.00. After much discussion on what equipment was needed for the growing population of the fire district an order was drawn to purchase a 1926 American LaFrance pumper with a 40 gallon booster tank and 40 gallon chemical tank, for $8,325.00.

April 1927 – The new Fire Hall was completed. A three-day dedication ceremony followed that was well attended by many local and out of town visitors. They were highly impressed with the facility.

1955 – Work commenced and Station 2 was built to house two pieces of fire equipment. This encouraged many young men from the surrounding area to join the Fire Department. The expansion of the new station and the influx of new recruits helped to make the fine fire-fighting unit what it is today.

1957 – A hydraulic rescue unit was purchased for $297.00 for the First Aid Squad to help remove the injured from wrecked vehicles on the highways.

1969-70 – A new Ford Station Wagon was purchased for the Chief. The Fire District also purchased new hoses and equipment for the fire trucks. The department purchased new helmets and gear for protection of the First Aid Squad. Also a new portable circular metal saw was purchased to help remove injured persons from wrecked vehicles.

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